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Macedonia is the cradle of Civilization and Literacy -  Albanian Terrorism and NATO OUT!!

The Rape of  Democracy in  Macedonia Continues !!!???STOP IT!!!!!!!

^estitki od Makedonskiot Amerikanski Sovet po povod 8 mi Septemvri



11 Septemvri: SAD/Makedonskiot Amerikaski Sovet go osuduva TERORIZMOT!!!!!






        The Macedonians of the Macedonian American Diaspora

    We the Macedonians of the Macedonian American Diaspora, consider this August 13th, 2001,  the day of the signing of "The Peace Agreement", to be one of the darkest and most ignominious days in the long, turbulent, rich and tragic history of Macedonia and the Macedonian people and our noble, courageous and epic struggle for independence, sovereignty and national identity and dignity.

    We consider this "agreement" to be a repeated twenty-first century

variation of the "Berlin Congress of 1878", "The Bucharest Treaty", "The Paris Conference", "The Treaty of Neilly", which have repeatedly and progressively reduced the territory of Macedonia, thwarted the legitimate national aspirations of the Macedonians and denied them the fundamental and inalienable human right for self determination, self expression and self realization on the territory of their ancestral land within their own native state of Macedonia.

    We the Macedonians of the Macedonian American Diaspora consider this "Peace Agreement" to be an illegitimate and invalid "agreement", an illegitimate and invalid "treaty", an illegitimate and invalid "document", brutally forced upon the Macedonian government by means of organized, armed aggression from Kosovo and Albania.

    Furthermore, we consider this "document" invalid because it has been signed by way of unprecedented political, military and economic blackmail, by NATO, the EU and the United States, upon the free democratic will of the Macedonian people.

    We consider this  "treaty" to be in violation and in contradiction of every national and international code of law and ethics as well as the code of conduct, including that of the UN Charter of Human Rights.  This "agreement" is nothing but a brutal, barbaric and blatant abrogation of the democratic, historic and moral fundamental and inalienable right of the Macedonian people to choose, of their own free will, by the expression of their democratic right, the fashion in which they will create their own country and the universal principles of sovereignty, independence and justice.

    We consider all the signatories of this act (domestic and foreign) as participants in an illegal and criminal act directed not only at Macedonia and the Macedonian people but against the whole of the freedom loving humanity.

    Today, once again, as many times in the past, we, the Macedonians, have been forced at gun and knife point to relinquish a measure of our culture, heritage, territory and national sovereignty to brutal and mercenary puppets and their puppet masters, this time embodied in "NLA/KLA" and NATO, EU, USA and the "New Global World Order".

    We declare this day a day of ignominy and shame not only for Macedonia and its people but for Europe, for all NATO members, as well as the rest of the world.

    Today we declare that Macedonia has been raped in full view of the entire civilized world, and we notice with profound sorrow and disappointment that the world has remained silent, blind, deaf and desensitized.

    Like in the ancient myth of the rape of Europa, the beautiful virgin maiden abducted by the perverted appetite of the god Zeus, Macedonia and her innocence, her national linguistic, religious, spiritual and cultural heritage, her sovereignty, independence, honor and dignity have been carried on the naked back of the savage bull and have been trampled under his brutal hooves.

    Today, we the Macedonians of the Macedonian American Diaspora warn the entire world that the rape of Macedonia is not only a Macedonian national shame, outrage and catastrophe.  It is an outrage and rape of the universal, fundamental, moral principles upon which civilizations in Europe, America Africa, Asia, Australia and all over the world, have been founded.

    This "peace agreement" is a national tragedy for the Macedonians not only in Macedonia but all over the world.  It is a tragedy for the whole of humanity which depends for its existence upon the rules of law, order and democracy.

    We, the Macedonians, of the Macedonian American Diaspora do solemnly and proudly declare that we are beginning a National and a Universal struggle of Resistance to restore Macedonia to its status of a Nation State with Constitutional Democracy in which the rule of the law is paramount.  We call upon all the Macedonian people all over the world, all the friends of Macedonia, as well as all of humanity to join us in our struggle to resist the injustice of the New Global World Order.

    If Macedonia resists so will the World!


Macedonian American Diaspora trough itís Leadership

Prof.Nestor Oginar,Co-Chair

Dr.Stojadin B.Naumovski,Co-Chair

Misko Vasovski,Co-Chair